Shiva, the Destroyer ~ シヴァ、破壊の神

Shiva, the lord of Yoga is known as a “destroyer”.


Destruction sounds bad. But we know sometimes it is necessary to destroy, change, or end things. Especially when you know that the situation you are in is not serving you. But way too often, we don’t know what is truly good for us…. Because we become too numb to feel things.  Particularly if you have been living a lukewarm life without too many challenges.

 The Lord Shiva destroys “ignorance”. Ignorance can be translated into many different things.

 How about habits?

 Humans are a creature of habits. We find such comfort staying in one place. We want to sit at the same desk or the same park bench. We want to celebrate holidays the same way.….. year after year.

I’ve seen it happen to people. So many people have trouble moving on even when they know their jobs are not working out for them, or they may be in a wrong industry all together and complain that they have not been able to realize their full potential. Nowadays with the rapid change of technology, we need to look at our situations often and consider making some changes.


I understand cockroaches are one of these very advanced creatures that are able to morph into another being. They modify their cell structure to survive against their biggest predator- Bug spray. You may be able to kill a roach with a particular kind of bug spray today, but the same spray may not kill them next week. I am not a big fan of cockroach, but have always wanted to live my life that way.


First, “recognize the need to change”- this could a tough one.


Then, “having the courage to change”- this is nearly impossible for a lot of us.


As a Yogi, we know anything is possible with practice. But while the practice takes years of discipline, only thing we need may be one powerful life changing occurrence which totally awakens us.


DSC_1601 copy 

Photography by Ritsu Takada All right reserved©


「破壊」というとなんだか聞こえは悪いですが 時にはものごとを壊し、変え、終わらせる事も必要です。特にその状況が自分にとって良くない、ということがわかったときには。でも本当に自分にとって何が良いのかわからなくなってしまのが人の常。特に生温い暮らしに慣れてしまい、チャレンジもあまりないとね。











次に「変わる事の出来る勇気を持つ」・・・・ 不可能に感じるかもしれません。


ヨガを練習していると、たゆみない練習によってあらゆることが可能であることがわかってきます。その練習は何10年もかかるかもしれないのです。しかし、私たちに必要なのはひょっとしたら、一瞬にして私たちを目覚めさせ 生き方をかえてしまうような、力強いひとつの出来事なのかもしれません。



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