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I moved to NYC in 1985 to pursue my dream of becoming a musical theater performer. After having enjoyed over two decades of a career as an actress, I experienced the devastating 9-11-2001. Led by an undeniable calling in her heart, I went through a dramatic shift and begun my brand new journey in yogic path. Now I am dedicating myself to spread peace and healing all over the world through Yoga and other healing methods. I am certified in Yoga Tune Up®, Energy Yoga Terapy® and Acro Yoga®. I am also a Reiki Master, Spiritual Life Coach and Kirtan Leader. As well as running my own RYT Yoga teacher training program in NYC, I hold Lectures, workshops and retreats all over the world. ミュージカル女優になる夢を抱いて1985年に渡米、半生をNYで暮らす。夢を叶えて女優として、通訳として、一児の母として暮らす中、2001年にテロ事件に遭遇。その時の心の葛藤が転機に繋がり、ヨガ指導者としての道を歩む。2005年から日米を往復、世界各地でWSや指導者育成を提供。2011年に”日本とNYをヨガで繋ぐ”プロジェクトUrbanXperienceを立ち上げ、NYを中心に世界各地でヨガアライアンス指導者養成コースを提供。現在NYでは、自己の身体の故障の経験に基づきセラピーヨガの活動を先導。またレイキマスター、スピリチュアルライフコーチ、キルタンリーダーとしても活動中。

TRM®M セラピーボール修了書コース とは?


ロールモデル®メソッド 修了書コースとは?

The Roll Model® Method はYoga Tune Up®のシステムの中の、セラピーボールと筋膜リリースのプログラムです。The Roll Model® Method修了書コースではRoll Model®セラピーボールを使った独特のセルフマッサージと骨格、筋肉と筋筋膜の仕組みを学びます。パーソナルトレーニング、ストレッチ、ピラティス、ヨガ、ダンスクラス、ウェルネスのコーチ、マッサージセラピー、子供さんやスペシャルニーズを抱えた人々に相対する環境で大変有効です。ロールモデル®セラピーボールを使って、みなさんと周りの方々が、ご自分でセルフケアを始められるようにお手伝いしてあげてください。







3 Balls #2 copy



The Roll Model® Methodの全体を学び、プラクティショナーの認定を受ける次のステップとして、モジュール2、“ボールシークエンスと革新性”の養成コースを前後に受講することをお勧めしています。受講料にはロールモデル®オリジナルセラピーボール、教則本、CD2枚、ビジュアルガイドが含まれます。

受講費:¥ 48,000 (養成当日の2週間前までに入金)   ¥ 53,000(それ以降)

P1110516 copy


このトレーニングでは6つの違ったサイズと素材のボールを革新的に使い、体の中で日常酷使されている部位や、仲々感じにくい部位に7つの技法を使って筋膜リリースを施す方法を覚えます。指導者やセラピストの方たちはボディマッピングによって骨格の目印、筋肉の位置、また筋膜のつながりのシステムなど、解剖学の理解を深め、 その理解に基づいた指導、デモンストレーションの技法を磨きます。一般受講者も、ご自分のからだの内部への理解を深めることで、より感覚を研ぎ澄まし、セルフケアが容易にできるようになるでしょう。このトレーニングはすべてのレベルの生徒・教育者・医療関係者に適しています。

The Roll Model® Methodの全体を学び、プラクティショナーの認定を受ける道を進むためには モジュール1、“筋膜リリースの科学”の養成コースを前後に受講することをお勧めします。


受講費:¥ 48,000 (養成当日の2週間前までに入金) ¥ 53,000(それ以降)


You and millions other divorce cases 何100万もの離婚騒動、コメディか、それともドラマ?

I updated my bilingual blog. ニューヨークライフ、バイリンガルのブログを更新しました。


You and millions other divorce cases—Comedy or Tragedy?

Today my student asked me, ”where can I read your blog?” My blog-? oh no, I totally forgot about my blog! It’s been a year since I updated my blog. This whole year was so tumultuous, I completely forgot about writing my blog. It’s been two and a half years since my husband declared divorce in 2013 May. By the end of 2014, we were officially divorced. So much for all the pledges and vows we made 28 years ago, Our family relationship came to an abrupt and violent end.

“I want a divorce. I don’t love you anymore, “is what he said. I still remember his deadpan face. My proceeding life simply was hell. I didn’t believe time heals everything. I was a tragic heroine. I didn’t do anything wrong. I worked so hard for the family. Nobody in my family got divorced…

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You and millions other divorce cases 何100万もの離婚騒動、コメディか、それともドラマ?


You and millions other divorce cases—Comedy or Tragedy?

Today my student asked me, ”where can I read your blog?” My blog-? oh no, I totally forgot about my blog! It’s been a year since I updated my blog. This whole year was so tumultuous, I completely forgot about writing my blog. It’s been two and a half years since my husband declared divorce in 2013 May. By the end of 2014, we were officially divorced. So much for all the pledges and vows we made 28 years ago, Our family relationship came to an abrupt and violent end.

“I want a divorce. I don’t love you anymore, “is what he said. I still remember his deadpan face. My proceeding life simply was hell. I didn’t believe time heals everything. I was a tragic heroine. I didn’t do anything wrong. I worked so hard for the family. Nobody in my family got divorced. So why me? I kept going back and forth between all the internal chattering. My pride and sense of self worth went down to the bottom and beyond.

Then, a year later I met my boyfriend. He was like- a dream come true. I said, “Maybe this time I’ll be lucky. ” He devoted his life to me and gently wrapped his wings around my wounded heart.  He said he will be waiting for me until I’m totally ready. Immediately I said, sure, no problem! I’ll be right there… But it was not that easy.

I lived my life for my ex and my daughter, we were always together. And that impression and memory haunted me constantly. My ex’s image over-wrapped with my boyfriend and I often blamed my boyfriend senselessly. Sometimes I called him with my ex’s name. It was a mess. And he was always waiting for me. Gently and passionately, occasionally slightly annoyed. He had gone through a difficult divorce himself a few years prior, and he knew how I felt.

By the beginning of 2015, like the sunshine peering through the dark clouds after the hurricane, I began to feel more integrated. I felt so grateful to my boyfriend for staying close without giving up on me. Shadow of my ex’s image started to leave me. Instead of life with him, life without him became my norm. I felt more spacious inside which allowed me to welcome newly seeded love.

My boyfriend used to say, “the story of you and millions of others!” I used to feel annoyed and insulted hearing this. Because mine is a truly special story. But now I sigh and say to myself “after all, he was not all wrong”, as I turn on Netflix to watch another TV divorce comedy that I have been addicted to.

Lavender sky



きょう生徒に“先生のブログはどこで読めますか?”と聞かれ、ハッとした。恥ずかしいことながら、この1年間ブログの執筆をおざなりにしていた。というか、完璧に忘れていた。そのくらい激動の1年間だったのだ。2013年 5月夫に突然離婚を言い渡されてから2年半。2014年の終わりには離婚があっさり成立した。28年前にあれだけみんなの前で誓いを立てた夫婦関係が 目の前でいともあっけなく、粉々に壊れた。


















ニューヨークで25年以上の経験を持つベテラン日本人講師きょうこジャスパーによる、 ユニークな指導者養成コース。 ヨガの叡智をあらゆる側面から学び、「一生の財産」として活かすべくカリキュラム。少人数制で、一流のヨガ指導者を育成するための200時間です。”自己改革”にフォーカスをし 、大量生産にありがちな没個性の指導者育成ではなく、個々の人間に見合ったヨガのライフスタイルと練習方法、身体と心の調整方法、指導法を現代ヨガの最高峰であるN.Yメゾットを使ってお伝えしていきます。研修は全て日本語で行いますので、通訳を介すことによる時間やコミュニケーションのロスがなく、じっくりと学べる環境です。また、少人数制のメリットとして、ディレクターがみずからひとりひとりの受講生と直接向き合いますので、解らないまま先に進んでしまい、再度他のTTを受け直すなどの無駄がありません。過去にTTを受けたけれど、まだ解剖学や哲学の理解が浅い、教えだす自信のない方にもお勧めです。ヨガに深い情熱を持ち、生きる道として取り入れていきたい方、人生を改革し、しっかりと地に足をつけた生き方をしたい、と願う方、ヨガを真剣に捉えている方のみを募集しています。コースの終了後には、自己の可能性を開花し、真の「自信」への道が開かれることでしょう。


Get up and shake your booty -QL  椅子の生活から来る腰痛

Have you ever had pain on the side of your lower back after a long day of driving or working at your desk? Well then, most likely your Quadratus Lumborum on that side is screaming at you. The Quadratus Lumborum, aka QL, is a long, wide, flat, trapezoidal muscle closely resembling a flank steak. It originates from the bottom of the 12th rib and lumbar verdabrae, L1~L4. It inserts on top of the iliac crest (hip bone), exists on both sides of the body, and connects the pelvis to the spine. It is the deepest abdominal muscle and is close to the Psoas and Erector spinae. Both sides of the QL work together to extend your spine, and one side works independently to laterally flex the spine. Very powerful muscle indeed! We hear a lot that the dysfunction of the QL is a common cause of lower back pain. Why?


When I was growing up in Japan, there were really no chairs in my house. The floors were covered with Tatami mattresses, which are made of weaved straw. Tatami is soft on the surface and provides a very solid and stable structure. We used to sit on Tatami to eat, study, and play. Whenever we visited the Buddhist Temple, we would sit on our feet – Seiza style – on Tatami, sitting with our spines erect for a long time as our feet would fall asleep. We would squat to use the bathroom.


I still remember when I was 10 or 11, our life styles dramatically changed. Suddenly, there appeared couches, tables, and chairs in my house. The bathroom miraculously turned into a comfortable western style toilet with a toilet seat. We said “Sayonara!” to Tatami and said “Hello!” to the wooden floor…It was wonderful. We embraced the changes with such joy! After all, at that time, I thought it was so much more comfortable to sit on a chair.


After 40 years of life with chairs, only recently, I started to give up my couches and chairs to go back to my old lifestyle. I realized that my back feels so much better.


Sitting on a couch, chair, or car seat for long hours will conform our backs to a C-shaped curve, (kyphosis) instead of its most healthy state (lordosis) …. the S- shaped curve. The C-Curve pasture will contract our QL and erector spinae into slack, which results in muscle fatigue. The muscle will then experience decreased blood flow, and in time, adhesions in the muscle and fascia can form….. Eventually, this will result in painful muscle spasms, bulged discs, or even disc herniation.

 Spine and QL

Scary thought…but there are solutions, such as, lengthening the spine, laterally extending the spine with yoga poses like, Adho Mukha Svanasana and Parighasana. But when mere stretching doesn’t do our muscles justice, we need to consider waking them up by approaching the practice differently. Yoga Tune Up ® Pose Boomerang will teach us just that.


Stand in Tadasana (Mountain Pose) besides a wall so your shoulders and hips are perpendicular to the wall. Your inside hand is on the wall with your elbow bent, and your other hand is touching the wall. Reach the outside arm overhead and touch the wall with your hand, so both hands and shoulders are internally rotated.  The spine is extended on the outside, flexed on the inside. You will feel an intense stretch on the outside of the body and the QL. Now, attempt to pull the top hand up the wall as if you are trying to peel the paint off. Because the hand is pinned to the wall, it will not actually move, but try. As you try to move your hands apart, the QL will contract. Keep applying the pressure while breathing deeply about 5 breaths.

 Boomerang Sidebend with PNF

This action will create PNF – Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation- to increase your range of motion and strengthen the QL muscle that is stretched and contracted.

Here is also a video footage for you so you can practice with me.  

The best part of this pose is that you don’t need much space – Just a little wall space will do – so why not spend 10 minutes in between work or that long drive to get up and shake your booty?


I assure you, with regular practice, your back will feel so much better – Good luck!




デスクに長時間座ったあと、またはドライブをしたあとに腰の横側が痛くなったりしたことはありませんか?もしかしたら腰方形筋の問題かもしれません。腰方形筋はQLというニックネームの 平らで幅広、長い台形のステーキのような形をした筋肉です。肋骨の12番と腰椎の1~4番から腸骨の頭までを繋げています。身体の両側にあり、骨盤と背骨を結びつけているんです。お腹の深部の筋肉で、腸腰筋と脊椎起立筋のとなりにあって、両側が共に働くと背骨を伸展、片側が働くと背骨を片方に側屈させてくれます。とてもパワフルな筋肉ですね。





私が10歳か11歳くらいの頃に急激な生活様式の変化が起こり始めました。突然家にソファが、そしてテーブルと椅子が登場しました。まるで魔法のように、トイレは洋式に変わって行きました。畳もどんどん減って行き、板の間の部屋に取って代わりました。 椅子に座る方が遥かに楽だし、当時は洋風の生活がとても安楽で素敵なものに感じられたものです。






QL and Spine Japanese 





 Boomerang Japanese Original

このアクションで何が起こっているのでしょう? 腰方形筋を引き伸してリラックスしたあとに収縮することでPNF(固有受容性神経筋促進法)効果で可動性が拡がる、という現象を引き起こしてくれるのです。ご興味があればPNFについてもう少し調べてみてください。リハビリやスポーツ療法では盛んに使われているテクニックです。

ここで動画も観れますので、 一緒に練習してみましょう。




The Script of my life〜人生の台本

Next year will count my 30th anniversary of living in New York. That is more than half of my life, so I can safely call myself a New Yorker now. Technically, once you have lived in New York for 10 years you are officially a New Yorker. But after all these years, I hesitate to call myself with that honorable title. Part of me is New Yorker-like, yet part of me is deeply rooted in my Japanese heritage, and part of me strongly resists of being identified as any particular type of race or culture. I prefer to call myself an Earthling.


 I have lived most of my life in New York City with a man – my husband. The life with him was pretty much all I knew. I was a young girl from Japan who knew very little about how things worked. Everything my husband taught me became my reality. Though I began traveling and met people all over the world through my career, still the world with him remained the core of my existence.


 We stayed together for 27 years and had a daughter together. We faced numerous obstacles each day as a couple. Some of which we overcame together, and some of which never been addressed and resolved. Even still, I don’t think I really imagined a life without him. The time we spent together, his influence over me was far greater than my own family. He was my best friend. And more importantly, he was a big part of the script I had been writing. In my life, I always wrote a script in my mind as to how my life should be, and pretty much lived the way I wrote in my play.


 The union with my husband ended last year…. It was quite dramatic and unexpected. Who would have thought you can go through a major identity crisis after age 50? Breaking loose so abruptly from the universally recognized system called MARRIAGE? After our separation a year and half ago in May of 2013, I spent most of my life self-loathing and blaming others. I was crippled with a sense of failing…. I literally fell apart. I was making myself sick.


 “I never completed the script I have been writing for 27 years.”


P1180741 copy 












“27年間書き続けて来た台本を完成させる事が出来なかった” やるせなさ。