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There is nothing you cannot do〜できないことなんて何もない

Last Sunday,  we had the good fortune of taking a yoga class with Ms. Tao Porchon- Lynch, world’s oldest yoga teacher. She is a 97-year-old yoga teacher and as she put it, an eternal student herself. I had heard about her a while ago , but quite honestly, I did not expect her class to be anything more than a bunch of relaxing seated poses.  Bill and I felt we needed to go to her class  because we desperately needed some inspiration. Facing our parents and relatives constant passing, aging or deteriorating is making us realize our own mortality. Aging is about preparing for our last moment and we don’t have a choice in that matter. I have seen both of my parents struggle before they passed in recent years. I am hoping our spiritual practice would support us in a course, but still, we cannot really choose what will happen to our body and mind. But, is that true?


When we walked into Tao’s class today, and went up to say hello to her, immediately we forgot about her age and were drawn into her vibrant and welcoming energy. She began her class with a beautiful double Lotus which I struggled even to think about getting into. Let me tell you, her class was not an easy class….  We did Visvamitrasana, we did handstand, and Sirsasana… We did not even sit down. It was a hard core class with many challenging elements as well as some beautifully creative twist. I really appreciated the influence from Iyengar yoga, Ashtanga yoga, and the energy and dance elements in her class. ( That is pretty much what I’ve studied all my life as well). She is from Pondicherry India, and is half Indian and half French. She had 3 hip replacements and that did not stop her from competing in a dance competition with her dance partner who is 70 years her junior. She lives alone and does everything herself. Throughout her class she urged us to keep moving, never to stop… After the class, she put on her high heels and demonstrated a dance move playfully. As she drove away in her little smart car, we just stood there in awe…Well, ladies and gentleman, I am now convinced that we do have a choice in the matter. Whether to keep moving or stop moving. Whether to keep spreading the light or to stop and rot… It is all up to you.













7/8 (日) 大阪 14:00~15:30 骨盤療法ワークショップ

7/8 (日) 大阪 1:00~15:00 セラピーボール自己整体

7/15 (日) 沖縄 10:30~12:00 腰痛/姿勢改善ワークショップ

7/15 (日) 沖縄 13:00~15:00 指導者向けプログラミングクラス

7/22 (日) 東京 10:30~12:00 腰痛/姿勢改善ワークショップ

 7/22 (日) 東京 13:00~15:00 指導者向けプログラミングクラス


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筋膜リリースの科学 修了書課程(M1)

7/ 7/2018 大阪

7/14/2018 沖縄

7/21/2018 東京

8/ 5/2018 札幌

ボールシークエンスと革新性 修了書課程(M2)

8/ 5/2018 札幌